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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

The movie starts off with Captain Jack Sparrow traveling to London to confront an impostor who has been recruiting a crew in the name of Captain Jack Sparrow to find the fabled Fountain of Youth. After rescuing his friend Joshamee Gibbs, Sparrow learns that the British Navy is after the Fountain as well headed by his old rival Captain Hector Barbossa (now a one-legged man) who it transpires has lost Jack’s old ship Black Pearl.

Soon, Jack finds out that the impostor is none other than his old flame Angelica who turns out to be the daughter of the much feared Blackbeard. Blackbeard it transpires possesses weird powers and practices voodoo magic.

Captain Jack Sparrow finds it hard to decide who is more dangerous – Blackbeard or Angelica!

While the movie does manage to weave in the ‘sense of adventure’ for its audience, the director dilutes it at some places where the romance between Philip Swift (a captive missionary) and Syrena (a captured mermaid) overloads on mush! The visual effects part leaves a lot to be desired for given the width of scope in the movie. Blackbeard succeeds in inducing the fear factor while Captain Jack Sparrow as always, never fails to entertain with his witty retorts and inimitable style. The music deserves a special mention for noticeably enhancing the experience. The mermaid song especially creates a brilliant mood which is both divine and sinister!

Pirates of the Caribbean has always held a place in my fav-flick-list because of the ever fabulous score and Johnny Depp himself! Even though ‘On Stranger Tides’ may lack luster when compared to its much celebrated prequels, it still doesn’t fail to entertain and is an ideal pick if you like fantasy & adventure.

Verdict: On Stranger Tides – A two-man show; Johnny Depp & Hans Zimmer! 

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