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My Post-Resignation Note – To a VERY special bunch of people!

Time to say Thank You! 🙂


It has been so far almost a ritual to drop in a goodbye mail post-resignation at Hanmer MSL. But this, is not a goodbye mail as I have no intention of severing ties with all those people I have grown to love & admire here, but a vote of thanks and a written acknowledgement stating the importance of everyone I’ve come to know!
First of all, I would like to thank the management for absorbing me into this organization and thereby giving me a chance to work with some of the very best in the trade. This one year has been a VERY special learning experience for me, made a million times better by many indelible memories.

I was lucky to have had the experience of working with a dream-team:

Vernicia – The fun-loving & versatile designer who never failed to put a smile on a straight face (if ever there was one in the team :P)
Randeep – The gifted chap who can churn out designs from nothing
Saravan – The ever-present senior who can always be depended upon at all times
Dolly – Always cool, calm & collected with a keen sense of logic
Karthik – A strong but silent character and one of the most hardworking people I have known so far
Arun – The amazingly quick & talented copywriter whose enthusiasm levels are directly proportional to the quantum of work provided
Das – The creative fountainhead of our team who invariably always has us in splits with his hilarious narratives
Vijay – Cool dude + Inspiring boss: YES! We are very lucky indeed to have such a highly unusual combo on our team!! 😀
Madhavi (ex-boss & first boss!) – The one who encouraged me to no end and is still around me whenever I need her able guidance…

And that’s not mentioning the ENTIRE PR team who were always an inspiration to be with!

Every minute of working with you guys, for me is a cherishable one!

A special thanks to Varsha for all those fabulous brainstorming sessions I got to be a part of during my tenure because of her. Everytime I got to learn something new and all of that has added to my confidence level! Thanks again Varsha!!!!! 🙂

It was indeed a fabulous stint that I enjoyed with all of you guys and please stay in touch!

I can always be reached on
My email ID:
Mob: 09952496776
And of course, there’s facebook, Twitter, etc!! 😀

It is said that one is a collection of everyone he/she knew put together! Therefore, after over a year at Hanmer, I have no qualms in stating that I am now one of the VERY BEST!

Cheers! 🙂

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