Dear Wandering Reader,

Allow me to introduce myself.

I was born hybrid, the product of a Chennai to Delhi love story by the way. October 29, 1989.. New Delhi, India. Right from my childhood, I was always the baby that never cried. Too proud or too lazy to ask for or provide opinions, I hardly ever demanded stuff from my parents who soon chalked me up as a pediatric exception.

Now my Father was in a job that required him to keep shuffling his residence across the country at regular intervals. So by the time I was ten, we had lived all over the place – Delhi, Raipur, Baroda, New Zealand, Bangalore, etc. Growing up with a multi-cultural background has one advantage – makes you broad-minded. The more cultures you observe and be part of, the more it widens your perspective of things. So that done, I love and am perpetually fascinated by cultures and folklore in general. Not that I’d ever be part of one, but just plain fascination. Every time we moved to a new home, I wandered all over the neighborhood making friends (friends – for want of a better word) with people. Never particularized anyone or kind. I’ve always liked to boast of a motley collection. Another great thing about my upbringing was that I was rarely asked questions.

Since solitude to company was better preferred, I had developed a huge list of hobbies to keep myself engaged – Kung Fu, Tennis, Basketball, Cycling, Miming, Music, Art & Literature, Technology, etc; again, a varied combo.

I believe in the fact that there is nothing called ‘original’ because everything in life right from the language spoken to whatever depths of intelligence achieved is an acquired virtue that has been improvised on. Hence, I love reading, peeking into the minds of people, listening to the stands of others on various stuff – basically improving my mental database.

Chennai has been my longest stint ever so far. 10 solid years. Hope to get out of here by next year though.

So, I hope that gives the reader (if any!) rough picture of my mind. However, I am not going to shed light on my aspirations or my cut paths. This space is meant for my random viewpoints on stuff – might interest some, may bore the pants off many!

I am just a combination of all I have known. But a unique one!

St. Nomad


2 responses to “Recap!

  1. Tamil Rasigan

    June 2, 2011 at 10:33 AM

    Loved your blog.. keep em coming…

    • St. Nomad

      June 4, 2011 at 4:15 AM

      Wow.. that’s so nice of you! Thank u… 🙂


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