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What’s in a name…


The first thing I was taught to write (after my alphabets obviously) was my name: “Sunil. R” – neat, loud and proud. I even have a vague recollection of the day. It must have been a summer evening because I was to join school soon after…


Mom: “That’s it… a nice roll on the ‘S’… dot the i…. and your initial ‘R’ in bold after some space”


Me: “Mommy, what’s an initial?”


Mom: “That is your identity darling. The first letter from your father’s name ‘Ramesh’, just so you don’t get lost among the other Sunils in your class!”


Me: “Oh! I don’t want to get lost! Can I have a couple more just in case?”


Mom: “Well, you’ve got just one Daddy my dear…”


Me: “Why can’t I have your name too? Please Mommy, please please?”


Mom: “Hahaha! It doesn’t quite work that way kiddo…”


But it should! When I think of it now, after nearly 18 years, I might have made better sense than her back then!

After all, why do kids get named after their Dads alone? Who the hell came up with that rule? I mean, don’t get me wrong… I love my father and everything! He is a wonderful person and has been a great friend to me all these years – but so has my mom! Doesn’t it seem rather unfair that only he gets to appear on my initials? In fact, come to think of it – both of them have had equal involvement in my upbringing! I mean, it was perfect teamwork.

If my dad bought me a bicycle, my mom taught me to ride on it.

If my dad bought me a guitar, my mom made sure I practiced.

If my dad paid for my tennis lessons, my mom accompanied me all over the place when I participated in tournaments.

Both of them made sure I had plenty of love, care and attention.

In my view, both parents deserve to be celebrated equally! I wish my friends who read this to get past old habits and make that change…



(R – Ramesh & Y – Yamuna)


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