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Maan Vizhi Mayakkathil – மான் விழி மயக்கத்தில்

My first attempt at lyric-writing! Not having studied the language, it might be a bit rough around the edges. All the same, it’s close to my heart as it triggered my interest in poetry…

This was written for a friend of mine who asked me to write something on solitude and unspoken love…This being an unfamiliar territory for me, I had to exercise quite a bit of my imagination to come up with this. Hope the reader likes it! 🙂


Maan Vizhi Mayakkathil Kaadhalai Paarkave

En Vizhi Vaadudhe Thedudhe Theiyudhe

Kangalil Kaayamum, Nenjile Baaramum,

Udhirangal Kasiyave, Theipirai Thudangudhe

Vidhaithaai En Ulle Kuruththaai Kaadhal

Unakke Yen Jeevan Puriyaadho…

Iravellam Paniyaaga Naan Vaazhvadhen, Unai Kandu Naan Meendum Neeraagave

Venmegam Madhiyodu Uravaadudhe, Un Swaasam Yenai Theenda Varam Ketkiren

Or Paarvaiyil Undhan Kaadhal Sonnaaiyo Un Mounangal Puriyaamal Manam Vaadudhe

Vaaraadha Vaarthaikku Vazhipaarkireno Orey Seidhi Dhinam Pozhudhum Ketkindradhe


Yen Thotaththin Poovellam Karugudhe, Neeyillaa Nerangal Sumaiyaanadhe

Yen Jeevanin Dheepam Anaindhaadudhe, Nodipozhudhum Yendhan Uyri Pogudhe

Moondrezhuththum Innaal Vizhaa Kaanumo Yen Vaazhvin Kolangal Niramkollave

Theeraadha Thayakkangal Thulai Kaanumo Yen Kaadhal Naan Unnidam Koorave




மான் விழி மயக்கத்தில் காதலை பார்க்கவே

என் விழி வாடுதே தேடுதே தேயுதே

கண்களில் காயமும் நெஞ்சிலே பாரமும்

உதிரங்கள் கசியவே தேய்பிறை துடன்குதே

விதைத்தாய் என் உள்ளே குருத்தாய் காதல்

உனக்கே யேன் ஜீவன் புரியாதோ

இரவெல்லாம் பணியாக நான் வாழ்வதேன் உனை கண்டு நான் மீண்டும் நீராகவே

வெண்மேகம் மதியோடு உறவாடுதே உன் சுவாசம் யேனை தீண்ட வரம் கேட்கிறேன்

ஓர் பார்வையில் உந்தன் காதல் சொன்னாயோ உன் மௌனங்கள் புரியாமல் மனம் வாடுதே

வாராத வார்த்தைக்கு வழிபார்கிறேனோ ஒரே செய்தி தினம் பொழுதும் கேட்கின்றதே


யேன் தோட்டத்தின் பூவெல்லாம் கருகுதே நீயில்லா நேரங்கள் சுமையானதே

யேன் ஜீவனின் தீபம் அணைந்தாடுதே நொடிப்பொழுதும் எந்தன் உயிர் போகுதே

மூன்றெழுத்தும் இந்நாள் விழா காணுமோ யேன் வாழ்வின் கோலங்கள் நிரம்கொல்லவே

தீராத தயக்கங்கள் துளை காணுமோ யேன் காதல் நான் உன்னிடம் கூறவே



Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

The movie starts off with Captain Jack Sparrow traveling to London to confront an impostor who has been recruiting a crew in the name of Captain Jack Sparrow to find the fabled Fountain of Youth. After rescuing his friend Joshamee Gibbs, Sparrow learns that the British Navy is after the Fountain as well headed by his old rival Captain Hector Barbossa (now a one-legged man) who it transpires has lost Jack’s old ship Black Pearl.

Soon, Jack finds out that the impostor is none other than his old flame Angelica who turns out to be the daughter of the much feared Blackbeard. Blackbeard it transpires possesses weird powers and practices voodoo magic.

Captain Jack Sparrow finds it hard to decide who is more dangerous – Blackbeard or Angelica!

While the movie does manage to weave in the ‘sense of adventure’ for its audience, the director dilutes it at some places where the romance between Philip Swift (a captive missionary) and Syrena (a captured mermaid) overloads on mush! The visual effects part leaves a lot to be desired for given the width of scope in the movie. Blackbeard succeeds in inducing the fear factor while Captain Jack Sparrow as always, never fails to entertain with his witty retorts and inimitable style. The music deserves a special mention for noticeably enhancing the experience. The mermaid song especially creates a brilliant mood which is both divine and sinister!

Pirates of the Caribbean has always held a place in my fav-flick-list because of the ever fabulous score and Johnny Depp himself! Even though ‘On Stranger Tides’ may lack luster when compared to its much celebrated prequels, it still doesn’t fail to entertain and is an ideal pick if you like fantasy & adventure.

Verdict: On Stranger Tides – A two-man show; Johnny Depp & Hans Zimmer! 

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You could’ve just asked you know! :-/

Girl: Honey, missing something?

Guy – TAKE 1: Yep! My pair of iPod earphones. Remember using them yesterday before turning in. Dunno where I put… CLICK!

Guy – TAKE 2: Nope! Y? CLICK!

Guy – TAKE 3: Oh yes! U… 😦

Guy – TAKE 4: Oh yes! U… 😦

Guy – TAKE 5: Oh yes! U… 😦

Girl (for Takes 3, 4 & 5): Awwwww… My baby! Are you doing fine? Maybe you should invite your friends over so that you don’t get too bored…

Guy – TAKE 3: Oh yeah, I already did! We had beer, watched some DVDs and all. Having a lot of fun after a long time you know. Good thing I… Pause…

Guy – TAKE 4: Of course not! (friend from in the background “Dude! Pass me da *&^%&* remote will ya?) Pause…

Girl (for Takes 3 & 4): You don’t love me anymore…

Guy – TAKE 3: Why, what’s wrong?

Girl: You said you are having so much fun after a long time! So you are not having fun when I am around? Anyways, forget it! CLICK!

Guy – TAKE 4: What rubbish! Of course I love you baby.. What made you think so?

Girl: What did have to lie to me for? It’s perfectly alright if you want to get together and have fun with your friends. What’s there to hide? Unless you are doing something wrong… Anyways, Forget it! CLICK!

Guy – TAKE 5: Yes I did. Just one guy.. Poor thing. He had some problem with his girlfriend.So I thought it best not to leave him alone…

Girl (for TAKE 5): Awwwwww! Poor guy. Some girls are so unreasonable… Anyways, so sweet of you to help him out and be with him! That is why I like you so much. You are soooo sensitive! Honeyyyy, you still haven’t wished me today!! 😀 😀

Guy: Ohhh… hehehe… I was jussstt ummm about to wish you dear… Errmmmm… Ahem… Happy Birthday? (:-/)


Guy (After 15 solid minutes of wracking his brains): Shit!! SHIT!!! It’s the anniversary of our first date!!!!

Tries calling her back.

The ****** number you are trying to reach is currently not reachable. Please try again after sometime.

Guy: GLOOOOOOM! Brooding brooding brooding moping moaning brooding….

I couldn’t even watch TV in peace this year! 😦 thank God I don’t have a girlfriend… 😛


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Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya – Musical Bliss!!


Have been wanting to write about this one for quite sometime but then it kept missing it. Anyways, better late than never, so here goes:

A stunner of an album composed in Tamil by Academy Award winner A.R.Rahman for the movie Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya. The album is centered on a two people who are in love and fall apart later.

There are a total of seven songs from different genres of music, the album is pure magic and totally enchants the listener. The standout in the set of songs would be a Malayalam rock number sung by singer/composer Alphonse. The special feature of this song is the employment of Alphonse (A Malayalam singer/composer) as singer. All that I had ever heard him singing was melody and now suddenly he comes out all screamy and passionate with this slow rock number! Just one word: REVELATION!

The songs in this album outscored all competition received critical acclaim equal to one of A.R.Rahman’s previously pampered works Alaipayuthe. And that’s not even getting started on the background score, but that would require a separate review!

One little concern for listeners is that this album, like all of A.R.Rahman’s works, sort of grows on you and might not be liked immediately.

Give it a chance and believe me, you will not regret it!

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Apple IPOD Nano – Sleek, Smooth & Sexy

Is Apple Nano any good?


It is much more than good!

There may be one or two players around that might boast of better audio quality but nothing approaches Apple’s ease of use, quality, style and now, for the first time, value for money. That’s right; not only is the Nano a superb player but it is also competitively priced.


The new nano is better engineered than the original nano and is MUCH more capable in terms of longevity. It feels extremely sturdy too. Push the colour screen firmly and there is no evidence of discolouration or pressure points at all. The size and weight of this model remain the same as its predecessor – 90 x 40 x 6.5mm & 42g respectively. While the screen size is also retained (1.5inch/38mm diagonally), the screen brightness has been increased by 40 percent which makes reading easier outdoors.


Apple has managed an impressive increase in battery life from 14 hrs to 24 hrs. A larger and easier-to-operate Lock slider and a dished Enter button in the centre of the click wheel add to the user-friendliness of this model.
An all new search function that makes browsing through your music by name. Those of us with large libraries will find this feature extremely handy.

Something to grumble about. Maybe?

Even though it bears the tried-and-tested click-wheel navigation system which is of course the best among everything I’ve used so far, it does have its disadvantages – you have to use the hold switch more often than you do with players that don’t have touch sensitive controls in order to avoid turning the volume up and down inadvertently – but its ease of use easily outweighs this relatively small inconvenience.

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Senheisser HD 280 PRO – Comfort does matter!

One job that this pair of headphones excels at is blocking the ambience. Put them on and you can hardly hear a thing from around you! At the same time, they do not compromise on the user’s comfort. I have practically used them for hours together with no strain on my ears at all thanks to their amazingly soft and cushioned ear pads.

However one aspect that I found thoroughly unforgivable is the base response. The HD 280 Pro, while sounding fantastic and close to natural in the mid & upper-mid range, plays weak base. Of course, I use an equalizer to balance things while working, but it would have been nicer with good base response.

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