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Queen of the Damned – The Perfect Violin Solo – Instrumental Cover by me :-)

First of all I’d like to thank my good friend Hari for introducing me to this violin piece and suggesting that I give it a shot. I fell in love with the movie as well because of my obvious love for folklore – Gothic in this case.

The scene is thus –

One vampire Maurius takes his son (the one created by him) Lestat through the ways of Vampires on a beach one late evening.
They spot a gypsy girl and her father sitting around a fire with musical instruments. As they watch, the girl starts playing on her violin. In spite of Maurius’ misgivings, Lestat joins her as he picks up a violin and starts playing. Suddenly he goes berserk and starts playing like a maniac. The gypsies identify him as a vampire from the mad gleam in his eyes as he plays and run for their lives.

This piece goes an octave higher than normal. This I guess is available only on the violin.

Now I’ve tried to cover this piece. Since there was just a little beat and base around the violin, I programmed them myself.

In case you wanna check out the original, it’s available on youtube. Just look for “the perfect violin solo”


Panithuli Urugiye – Original Composition

Panithuli Urugiye by Eshwar

This is my first fully fledged original composition to be released. This song has been composed for a music video which will be shot on the various manifestations of water. Took me about nearly a week to nail!

My sincere thanks to Aisoo – The lyricist who wrote the song in 30 minutes sitting right before our eyes, Saravanan – The amazing flautist, Srividya – Lead singer who really cooperated with me during the project, Meera – The fabulous singer who rose to our need (time-crunch) really fast and did her portions in lightning speed & Deepesh – The male lead, who apart from his superb performance also stayed up with me a lot while composing and mixing.

Thanks a lot guys. All of you were awesome and I sure had a blast working on this one with all of you!

This song will forever be close to my heart for the very simple fact that it is my first one to be released…