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The Theory of Impossibility

Back during my schooldays, I used to be a lawn tennis player which meant that all holidays were spent camping out at the courts right from daybreak. During this time the court attracts a lot of newbies from all age groups. Among them, the kids section always comes in as a combo-pack with its own customized cluster of over-excited parents who expect to see their sons/daughters turn prodigies within the year (which is quite understandable :P).

One of those kids was a cute, chubby, 8-year-old chap called Sahil. Now Sahil’s father was a die-hard fan of the tennis legend John McEnroe and was determined that his kid be left-handed like him as well. Sahil being right-handed found it extremely difficult to cope up and predictably started to nurture an intense dislike for the game itself. When our coach cited this problem to his father, it was simply over-ruled by the age-old saying;

Nothing is impossible.

Well, today that kid is 17 years old and he is a star footballer in his school – which goes to prove that he had the aptitude for sports but missed his chance with lawn tennis where he would’ve stood a much better chance at making it big. But football being a game of eleven offers him very meek chances of making it big and therefore he is all set to get into a regular B.Com. or B.Sc. next year.

Well the conclusion? If anything, our dear old Mr. Nothing-Is-Impossible had achieved an impossibility in the chance that the boy might, under any circumstances, actually enjoy tennis.

Now why is impossibility considered impossible? Is it not a self-contradictory theory by itself?

The Theory of Impossibility

A lot of people I find, do not know where to stop or when to call an end. More often than not, it is not because one is unaware of the impossible for him/her to slog on but actually the fact that his/her ego is at stake in accepting defeat. Humility is for sure and important component for success.
It is very VERY important to realize and give up gracefully when you are beaten because when you don’t appreciate defeat, you are actually unworthy of success. By acknowledging that something is impossible, you not only save time, but you also save a lot of energy and thought that might be spent on the quest otherwise. Donkey-slogging has never been of use to anyone.
Look at it as a competitive examination where the question paper contains 60 problems and you are given an hour to solve them. If you answer right, you get 2 marks while a wrong answer loses you 1 mark. How would you go about it? What do you think would be your approach towards the paper? Would you actually try to solve everything? Or would you skip the more difficult ones? (maybe save them for when you will be done with the easier ones)

I am not of course asking you here to give up on everything as a rule. The point that I am trying to drive home is:
It is essential at any walk of life and its decisions to develop in yourself a keen sense of analysis so that you are made able to spot differences between the ‘Possibles’ and the ‘Impossibles’ instantly.

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அறியா விடையே…

Theeraadha tharunangalin vedhangalai maatrave

ariyadhum arindha niththamagal vandhaal.

Nilamival thanalukkey mayakkaththai pazhakka

kondaal suzhalenum vanjavazhi paadhai…

Maanvizhi kondaalum maalaiyenum mayakkangal

Poovidhazh Kondaalum thengalenum kalmisham

Vegamadhu theerkuma Un kuraiyaa dhooraththai

Asthiramadhu maatruma Un kuriyin kutraththai…

Thiththikkum izhampaarvai kondavan naan kaana

Eththikkum kooriyadhu pizhai thaththaichchol varaiye…

Kaanave Naanariya pagaiyin nilamo

Kaalanin kanneerum sirikka kanden…

தீராத தருணங்களின் வேதங்களை மாற்றவே
அரியதும் அறிந்த நித்தமகள் வந்தாள்…
நிலமிவள் தனலுக்கே மயக்கத்தைப்பழக்க,
கொண்டாள் சுழலெனும் வன்ஜ வழிப்பாதை!
மான்விழி கொண்டாலும் மாலையேனும் மயக்கங்கள்,
பூவிதழ் கொண்டாலும் தேங்கலேனும் கல்மிஷம்!
வேகமது தீர்க்கும உன் குறையாதூரத்தை?
அஸ்திரமது  மாற்றுமா உன் குறியின் குற்றத்தை?!
தித்திக்கும் இழம்பார்வை கொண்டவன் நான் காண,
எத்திக்கும் கூறியது பிழை தத்தைச்சொல் வரையே!
காணவே நானறிய பகையின் நிலமோ
காலனின் கண்ணீரும் சிரிக்க கண்டேன்…

St. Nomad


Kuru Kuru – Couples Retreat – Covered by Deepesh & Myself


A lovely Tamil song in a Hollywood movie scored by A.R.Rahman. A very simple one too. No usual fancy arrangement, exuberant panning etc from the maestro. Irresistibly sung too…

Once again upon a time, Deepesh & I were bored as hell. And when we are bored we are also normally lazy (I know… this is one of the worst ever self-contradictory combo packages). Anyways, we played around with a few songs and decided to cover this one.


This was a couple of hours job, the track being a fairly simple one for me to program. Do take a listen when you get time. 🙂




Jana Gana Mana – Yuva – Covered by Deepesh & Myself! :)

I am sure you would’ve heard this mind-blowing composition by ARR. My friend Deepesh and I were jamming at my place and we decided to take a break. Browsing through my song library Deepesh murmured something like “A pity there is no karaoke for this song on the internet…” and LO! That was just the charge I needed. 😛

We worked for almost four solid hours to create the skeleton of the song and sing on it. And then I sat all night and incorporated the other sounds into the track (also got carried away and pulled off a couple of extra stunts ;-)).  Anyways, here is what we came up with.

PS: The whistling is terribly out of sync… was too groggy to notice… 😛

Tea Jingle

This is a TV Ad jingle scored by me for a tea brand. I was given a visual and a day’s time to finish scoring for the same. The crew was very pleasant and appreciative of my work. Loved working with them. The whole track was programmed at my little home studio.

Do take a listen and let me know what you think… 🙂


Which came first – ‘The Thought’ or ‘Who Bought’?

All the world’s gold and grain cannot replace man’s old brain…

Whenever I think of creativity, or thinking different I’ve always wondered… “Who am I thinking for?” Of course, I’d want to create just so that it exists… But then, it exists for? Who will pay for it? Do them paymasters have a say in my head?

A lot has been spoken for and against over several years of different civilizations. I mean, look at history. Every time someone came up with a ground-breaking idea, people always spoke against it. Why so?

I personally feel that there is a Pandora’s box of reasons for the reaction, some of which I shall state here.

  1. Fear of the unknown: Everybody fears the unknown. That which is known and certain has bordered success or consequences while that which is unheard and unseen is always alien. A known enemy has a defined destruction mode which can be tapped into if he/she proves to be dangerously successful. Such is the mindset of the people who matter i.e; the middlemen of the idea.
  2. Fear of failure: Every breakthrough spurns a previous one – and several people who have acknowledged its accuracy. It’s funny that more than the person who actually achieves the breakthrough (who was sure to have been antagonized to the core when he/she did by the way) the people who follow those ideas are the ones that get paranoid when a revision or an entirely new idea happens. The feeling in question here is Ego – A denial of fault.
  3. Fear of success – yours: Nothing displeases others more than someone who succeeds by proving his/her predecessors wrong – seeing as they have now been owned by our dear examiners! It is a simple human vice called jealousy.

Having understood the above arguments we can draw up the following conclusions.

Theory of Counter-Thought

Now that we understand the reception scenario, how does the process of creation work best? What is the formula for the best idea?

The answer is simple. It depends… on the integrity of the thinker.

Every human mind is capable of a unique thought at the same time. What is best for one may not be the best for the other which omits the whole concept of ‘the best idea’. That which is best can always be bettered and the whole thinking process is volatile and devoid of a tangible route.

Hence, the only voice that counts while thinking is your very own. You are answerable to no other. And your idea is only as good as your faith in it.

However, in a person, the strength of idea and depth of intellect are two different departments. I shall share my theories on this subject in my forthcoming posts…


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PodhuvarAmagatrayil agamenumpuraTHai
Neerthanil kANuvAr kAlgaLin thevaigaL
Ayiram yesudhal tholaineekum thozhane
Suyavaram vazhangivA yaavum nalamE
பொதுவராமகற்றயில்  அகமெனும்புரத்தை
நீர்தனில் காணுவர் கால்களின் தேவைகள்
ஆயிரம் ஏசுதல் தொலைநீக்கும் தோழனே
சுயவரம் வழங்கிவா யாவும் நலமே
St. Nomad